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Manufacturing of Hand Wash,Dish Wash,Liquid Detergents,Laundry Soap,Toilet  Soap,Powder Detergents OMO,Glass Cleaners,Floor Cleaners,Car Wash liquid,Mineral Water.

  •        Our company is ISO Certified
  •        All Our Products are upto the Standards
  •        We can  also manufacture as per our buyers requirment
  •   We can provide all the products on the buyers name and logo
  • All the orders are full filled immidiately as per our buyers requirment
We the Family of Global are providing the best services for the International & Physical Commdities such as Cement, Rice, Cooking Oil, Textile, Palm Oil / Fatty Acids, Glycerine, Soap Noodles, Stearic Acid, Palm Acid Oil, Palm Kernel Oil
CDEA, GMS, SLS, Stabilizers, Coconut Oil,
Now introducing  Super Fresh
   OMO Detergent Powder
we cant spell Success without you